Hypnospace Outlaw - 1999 Internet Simulator, coming to PC/MAC/LINUX in early 2019!

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Meet the Makers.

Jay Tholen - Lead Designer, Artist, Composer, Writer

I started making games and honing my pixel art skills as a kid in the late 1990s with early game making programs like Klik & Play and The Games Factory. After dropping out of high school I stopped making games, took a series of telemarketing jobs, and tried to start a prog rock band. In 2015 I finally accomplished something: I made a critically acclaimed point and click adventure named Dropsy, created collaboratively with A Jolly Corpse and released in 2015. Soon after, I moved out of my dad's house, married a German girl named Katie, and moved to her country to be with her. Also, I am a Christian. Well, bye. | Jay's Twitter

Mike Lasch - Programmer, Designer

Mike Lasch has not submitted a 2-4 sentence description of himself as instructed so he'll just have to deal with this lame bio instead. | Mike's Twitter

Xalavier Nelson Jr. - Narrative Designer, Writer, Punmaker

SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME that i was a narrative designer and writer for every weird little corner of the hypnospace universe. in return, i was promised seventeen (17) hypnocoins and the secret mixtape album of Seepage's greatest hits. I have instead been paid in dread knowledge that knows no bounds or mercy. My favorite color is: fyodor fyodorovich | Nelson's Twitter

Corey Cochran - Programmer

greetings! I observed my wife viewing your website in Hypnospace and I guess she likes your piece of work, I would like to receive further informatio about what inspires your idea of creativity. I am very much interested in purchase of the piece (in subject field above). Kindly confirm the availability for immediate sales. thanks and best Hypnoregards, corey Cochran | Corey's Twitter

Pip/TinyPixxels - Community Manager

Pip Hoskins does little bits of publishing work here and there, but mostly hides under blankets and plays with Virtual Pets. She's not obsessed, she swears. Please don't tell her boss. | Pip's Twitter

Mike Rose - Publisher

Mike Rose is the official spokesperson for Boppos, and likes his Boppo dogs with zingy mayo and a cool side of chilli fries. Sometimes he does publishing work too, but honestly the Boppos money is enough. | Mike Rose's Twitter

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