Hypnospace Outlaw - 1999 Internet Simulator, coming to PC/MAC/LINUX in early 2019!

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Create Your Own Weird Fake Internet.

The Hypnospace Productivity Suite Beta includes two programs: The Hypnospace Page Builder and Hypnospace Tune Sequencer. Both of these tools can be used in making your own custom pages, songs, or even entire networks of pages. Once Hypnospace Outlaw is released in 2019, you'll be able to share your creations over Steamworks and load them into the game.

The Page Builder and Tune Sequencer programs, while slick, are purely development & modding tools. They're used to make the pages and songs that comprise hypnospace and are not a part of Hypnospace Outlaw's gameplay proper.


The Page Builder and Tune Sequencer are presently Windows Only.

Download the Hypnospace Producivity Suite HERE.

Hypnospace Community Special Events

If you'd like to make a name for yourself in the world of Hypnospace, consider joining our Discord channel. There you'll be able to participate in community events, and maybe even get your content added to the official Hypnospace Outlaw release as an easter egg.

We're planning a few special challenges to make pages or songs using various themes and/or restrictions. (ie. a Conspiracy Theory page made using only text objects) 

Tutorial Videos

Please watch these tutorial videos before attempting to make your own page. They'll save you lots of time!

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