Hypnospace Outlaw - 1999 Internet Simulator, coming to PC/MAC/LINUX in early 2019!

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The year is 1999.

Sleeptime Computing, a new technology allowing users to browse the internet while they sleep, has captured the world's imagination.

Hypnospace is the first and most popular Sleeptime service, and they've accepted your application to serve as an Enforcer. As the uncertainties of a new millenium consume the bustling digital metropolis, will you use your new post to help your fellow Hypnospace Citizens or slam them with violations to amass a HypnoCoin fortune?

  • ENFORCE: Seek and destroy content in violation of Hypnospace law by exploring a massive, detailed, fictional internet.

  • CUSTOMIZE: Earn HypnoCoin to spend on weird software, desktop themes, stickers, games, music, screensavers, virtual pets, and more.

  • SURVIVE: Deal with viruses, adware, hackers, secret pages, and all manner of unsavory or otherwise strange internet shenanigans.

  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Observe your impact on the lives of the Hypnospace 'Citizens' under your watch as the year 2000 draws nearer.

  • CREATE: Use the Hypnospace Page Builder and Hypnospace Tune Sequencer dev tools to create your own content and share it with the world!

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